• API 7-1 Rotating and No-rotating Casing Brusher

    API 7-1 Rotating and No-rotating Casing Brusher

    GS (I) Type Casing Brusher is one of the indispensable auxiliary tools for well completion, testing and downhole operation.

  • API 11B Sucker Rod Coupling

    API 11B Sucker Rod Coupling

    Our company produced coupling including sucker rod coupling,sub-coupling and spray coupling, they are design according to API Spec 11 B standard.Using the high quality carbon steel or alloy steel (the equivalent of AISI 1045 and AISI 4135) and plating metal is a kind of surface hardening technology, is the nickel, chromium, boron and silicon powder coated on the substrate metal and fused with the laser processing, after the process, the metal surface makes harder,density higher and more uniform, the friction coefficient is very low and the corrosion resistance is very high. Slim hole (SH) diameter and standard size (FS) of conventional sucker rod and polished rod have plating metal (SM) .Under normal circumstances, there is two wrench on the coupling and the outside circle, but according to user we can also provide no wrench square.Hardness of coupling T  is HRA56-62  after heat treatment, with good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, when using sucker rod coupling,is connecting with the same size rod, sub-coupling is used for connecting to difference size of the sucker rod or connect the polished rod and rod string .Coupling type: Class T (full size and slim hole ) ,Class SM (full size and slim hole ).

  • Pup Joints

    Pup Joints

    Our company specializes in API Spec-5CT petroleum pipes. Sales of various specifications of tubing shorting, thickening tubing shorting, casing shorting. Double male short circuit, high voltage short circuit. Tubing variable buckle joint, tubing reducer joint, tubing adaptor, oil / casing thread protector (shield cap). And according to the drawings, we can process all kinds of special shorting, couplings, pipe fittings, etc. Product grade: J55, K55, N80, L80, P110.

    Specifications for short sections of petroleum tubing: 1.66 ”—- 4-1 / 2″ (33.4–114.3) mm.

    Specifications for short sections of petroleum casing: 4-1 / 2 “— 20″. (114.3 — 508) mm

  • API 7-1 Rotating Type Drill String Fishing Magnet

    API 7-1 Rotating Type Drill String Fishing Magnet

    Drill String Fishing Magnet is one of the auxiliary tools to ensure the normal drilling operation and bottom hole cleaning in the process of downhole accident treatment. This product is that it works together with the grinding shoes in the fishing operation, which is different from the previous method of lifting the drill after milling, and then connecting the drill string with the strong magnetic fishing tool to go down the well for cleaning bottom hole , saving a trip down the well operation, which not only saves the drilling cost, but also saves the fishing operation time.

  • API 11AX Rod Pump

    API 11AX Rod Pump

    API standard oil pump is general international oil field pump type, mainly divided into two major categories:tubing pump and rod pump.

    In the inspection and maintenance pump, it can directly pull out of the pump or valve to ground, without moving the tubing string.

  • API11B Sucker Rod

    API11B Sucker Rod

    Sucker rod is an important part of a sucker rod pumping equipment. Sucker Rod connect with coupling to be a rod string, and up through polished rod connection on the pumping unit or PCP motor, down connection on the pump piston or PCP, its role is to ground the reciprocating movement of the pumping unit horse head suspension point is passed to the down hole pump or pass the rotation of the PCP motor torque to down hole PCP.

  • Sucker Rod Centralizer

    Sucker Rod Centralizer

    The sucker rod moves up and down in the tubing, due to the elastic deformation of sucker rod, rod and oil tube wall is easy to make friction, ti makes sucker rod break off easily, sucker rod centralizer has strong flexibility, touched with the tubing wall can reduce the friction of rod and tube, and can be increase production life of pumping unit. The centralizer is connected with sucker rod , the outside diameter of centralizer is bigger than coupling outer diameter,so that can make the function of centralize. The centralizer is made of high strength wear-resistant material, and touched with the tubing to reduce the abrasion to achieve the purpose of anti-abrasion.

  • Polish rod

    Polish rod

    Polish rod is a kind of special sucker rod connected with sucker rod and beam hanger. It is at the top of sucker rod, need to bear the most strength,so with bigger diameter and higher steel grade than sucker rod, and the surface is very smooth.

  • Coupling


    Tubing coupling is a kind of drilling tool in oil field, which is mainly used for tubing connection. The tubing coupling mainly solves the problem of fatigue fracture of existingcoupling due to stress concentration.

  • API 5CT Blast Joint For Completion Pipe String

    API 5CT Blast Joint For Completion Pipe String

    The Blast Joint is a vital component in oil and gas operations, designed to provide protection to the tubing string and minimize the impact of external erosion from flowing fluids. It is constructed using high-quality steel with a hardness level ranging from 28 to 36 HRC according to NACE MR-0175.
    This ensures its durability and integrity under harsh conditions.

  • API 609 Butterfly valve

    API 609 Butterfly valve

    Butterfly valve, also commonly known as a flap valve, is a type of regulating valve that is widely used in various industries for controlling the flow of fluids. It consists of several key components, including a valve body, valve stem, butterfly plate, and sealing ring. These components work together to ensure efficient and precise operation of the valve.

  • API 7-1 Rotating And No-Rotating Casing Scraper

    API 7-1 Rotating And No-Rotating Casing Scraper

    This tool is ideal for the removal of dirt which may be left over the inside walls of casing, suchas solid cement, hard wax, various salt crystals or deposits, perforation burrs, iron oxideresidues resulted from rusting, so as to make all down hole tools pass through unblocked.Especially when a small circular clearance is available between the down hole tools andcasing inside diameter, the complete scrapping becomes more necessary before furtherworking. At present in the large petroleum well scrapping in the internal wall of casing by useof casing scraper is a necessary step.

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